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Welcome to Best Host Advisor

The world is full of fake reviews. In fact, many hosting companies are known to pay reviewers to write positive reviews for their sites. This may be beneficial for the company or reviewer, but can be bad for you – the end user. Do not make the mistake of trusting fake reviews and spending your hard-earned money on products and services that are not worth it. Our reviews are created by professionals who have used the services and products before writing down our unbiased opinions. We consider the performance metrics (uptime and average load time), the real cost, features, support and other such factors to create a list of top web hosting companies and products. Check here for not just the latest reviews but also guides, articles, trends and happenings about the industry.

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Our Review Process

Starting The Game

We first visit the official site to have a look at what all a company has to offer and where it stands in terms of price. We also look at their contracts to identify any hidden charges. Other than this, we check the interface to understand how quick and easy it is to use the platform.

We verify all the information available on the site including their customer support and check social media pages as well to ensure quality.


We Actually Join It

We personally use all the services to report how user-friendly a web host is. This helps us identify how easy the signup process is and what all you may need to complete the procedure.

Some web hosting providers can be slow, and some require additional details including documentation. Signing up individually is the best way to evaluate the process. It also helps us determine available payment options, hidden fees, and possible upgrades.

Get To Know All The Pros & Cons

We check out the available control panel and try to figure out how easy it is to use. The most important thing here is to know all the features and what kind of user the site is suitable for. Some web hosts offer a lot of features making it suitable for advanced users while some only offer limited options.

We determine the ease and richness of features by having a detailed look at what all a web host has to offer. Plus, we also use all the options and create an easy WordPress website to gauge the uptime, page speed, and other factors.


The Actual Tests in Real Time

Once the site is up and running, we run uptime and load time tests to understand overall performance. Some servers can be slow and only having a live site can help us understand the actual output. We check uptime percentage (other words how often does the site go down) and how it loads in different parts of the world and devices to evaluate the overall quality.

Are They By Your Site

You may have to get in touch with the support team on and off. Some web hosts provide limited support while some offer 24/7 help. We check all the available communication channels (emails, phone calls, tickets, live chat) and try them to conclude how professional and quick the company is to reach back us.

We also gauge agents’ friendliness and the best way to get in touch with the company based on the average time taken to respond to a query.


The Final Number

We keep all the above factors in mind to give a final rating in the light of the cost. At the end of the day, it is cost vs value.

We have a rating score for all metrics including Uptime, Load Time, Features, Price, and Support. They’re scored from 1 to 10 points for every 5 categories (maximum score of 50) to get the final rating out of 1-5 stars. We also compare the prices to other companies to conclude how affordable and feasible a specific company is. This final rating can help you judge a company.

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