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Links to outside providers, websites and merchandise on the Internet might have relevance to our Consumers. We cannot be held accountable for the privacy practices of such sites. Evaluate the applicable limitations and warnings of any linked companies. These admissions comply with the FTC’s transparency policies about any and all connections to other businesses linked on this informational website. By clicking on a link and going to the following site, a cookie will be set in your web browser. We obtain commissions from these providers.

This is an authentic way to monetize and pay for the operation of websites. We fully disclose that links on this site are sometimes shortened and/or cloaked for functionality and tracking reasons. These are standard practices by all types of websites.

In Detail (“BHA”) is subsidized through commissions. We earn payments from some of the services/products suggested on this site. This only occurs when you click on our affiliate links (more details: affiliate marketing).

This aids in keeping our reviews current. Reviewing products and services can be timely and costly. Claims about performance are based on testing done by

Does This Affect the Ratings, Reviews of Products & Services?

It does not impact rating or overall review(s) on our website. We test each item reviewed, rating services, features, support, price plans and more. We inform Consumers of all cons and pros of each item. This doesn’t influence ranking, as it is the more subjective factor.

Products are recommended based on testing. It does not guarantee or ensure that the item is the best. BHA displays reviews of products and services, listing both pros and cons. Read reviews on, and elsewhere on the Internet, before making purchases.

Why Are We Disclosing This?

We believe in transparency and want to be truthful and upfront with visitors.

Will It Cost You Additional Money?

No, it won’t. In some instances, we have worked with companies to provide exclusive deals and discounts for our Consumers.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliance is proud to say that we are fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR applies to all companies and organizations holding or managing the private information of EU residents. Because people in the EU can use our goods and services, we are required to be GDPR compliant.

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