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Do you ever type in a website only to find it dead? We’ve all been there, and we wonder if it’s the site that’s down or something's wrong with our device. We usually rush to a friend and ask if it’s working for them or not. Now no need to worry, you can find out if a site is down for real or if it’s just you. Type in the URL and check.
07 Mar, 2019 25 May, 2019
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About Website Availability Test:

Our website availability test is reliable and can help you find out if something is wrong with the server or your computer. At times, websites may be available in only specific zones. To sort out this problem, we ensure to run tests on servers located in different locations so you can get reliable results.

What Сauses Website Downtime?

A website can be down for a variety of reasons:

  • Issues with the provider.
  • Issues with the database, software, or server.
  • Issues with the DNS server.
  • Geographical restrictions.
  • The site has been hacked or attacked by a virus.
  • The domain or hosting has expired.