Uptime Calculator (SLA)

SLA calculation by entering your current uptime percentage into the field below
Uptime calculator is designed to work on its own. Feed data and the calculator will provide you with reliable results. The output is also quite easy to comprehend. For example, if your website offers an uptime of 95%, it means the website will be down for 1.2 hours per day, which means downtime of 36 hours per month.
07 Mar, 2019 25 May, 2019
An Advertized SLA Uptime Gives The Following Periods Of Potential Downtime / Unavailability
9 s
1 m
4 m 19 s
52 m 34 s

What is Uptime?

Uptime is a metric used to measure the overall performance of your service provider. It is usually represented in percentage and shows for how long the website is up and running. The higher the number, the better it is for you.

Most quality web hosting providers guarantee 99.9% uptime, but very few can make good on the promise. A little downtime is quite understandable as web hosts have to perform maintenance and upgrades.

About Uptime Calculator

It is essential to consider uptime when you go out to choose a web hosting provider. Most providers promise 99.9% or higher uptime. Since it's usually shown in percentage, it may be difficult for some users to comprehend what it means in terms of hours.

Our calculator can make the job easier. Feed in the numbers and see the expected downtime.

Downtime can be very bad for your business as it results in loss of customers and may impact your search engine ranking as well. However, remember that it is not possible for any provider to promise 100% uptime or 0% downtime.